The challenge.

In 2011 our old daughter Scarlett was diagnosed with leukaemia.  To help beat blood cancer 200 people will be taking on the Blenheim Triathlon in June 2015 and we need your support.

About the challenge

Why we're doing it.

If we can help reach a day when no other family has to go through the pain of having their child diagnosed with leukaemia, then the pain of our training (which at times is quite considerable) will be well worthwhile.

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Who's doing it.

Who are these people? Who can keep 200 people motivated, fed, watered and organised? And who can do all this while training for their own swim, cycle and run of pain? Find out more about them here.

Who's who

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The team is delighted to announce that Rachel Hallam,( British Age Group Triathlon Champion ) has joined our ranks. Rachel has kindly offered to share her experience, provide support and give advice to the team. Keep your eyes peeled for postings here.....

Rachels background and history in her own words:

My love and addiction to all things triathlon started about 10 years ago whilst on a placement year at university working at the Tesco HQ. I was told by my boss I should do the charity triathlon Tesco were organising at Dorney Lake, as I was always out running every lunch time. So that was it the challenge was laid down! No problem I thought, I could swim ok and I was fit from all the running but had never really done any cycling. So I borrowed a mountain bike and set to with some cycle training. 12 weeks down the line I managed to go and win the event. That was it I was hooked and all I could think about was how do I get faster!!!
10 years later I have won multiple National Age Group titles along with many race victories under my belt. I have raced at elite level and represented my country at world championship events and this year I have decided to race an Ironman with the goal of qualifying for and racing at the ironman world championships in Hawaii. The triathlon bug has well and truly taken hold. My favourite mantra is “the body is stronger than your think!” which believe me it is! I usually have this and “pain is temporary quitting last forever” in my head during a race and it usually gets me through the tough moments of self-doubt.
I have been involved with coaching for a few years and get such a buzz from helping others get as much enjoyment out of the sport as I do. The best feeling is seeing someone develop from not being able to put their head in the water at the beginning of the season to being able to complete an open water race a few months down the line with a huge smile on their face ☺ I am involved with coaching at the Oxford Tri Club and I am also Head Coach for the Oxford University Triathlon Squad.
When not involved with Triathlon I can be found working on the family sheep farm!

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