katie Stephen Westbrook

I am in my third year with the Scarlett’s Dragons team and was delighted and honoured when asked to help out with the organisation of this coming years exciting events. Being part of the team has been truly inspiring. We have made great friends, got fitter and most importantly raised money to help fund the amazing work being done by Bloodwise, both locally and throughout the country. If you have any questions regarding the registration process or your on-line fundraising please drop me an email at stephenwestbrook@btinternet.com and I will be delighted to help out in any way I can.

katie Jeremy Blanchard

I am proud to be involved in my 3rd year as a team member of Scarletts Dragons. I am passionate about fundraising for Bloodwise and the work they do. I’m no great athlete, but I am keen and as enthusiastic as ever to make this another great year for Scarletts Dragons. I am involved with our social media and web site content and to communicate with the amazing team at Bloodwise. Any assistance I can provide or comments I can post to Facebook, please let me know, jeremyblanchard@me.com.

katie Mark Lambert

This will be my 3rd outing with Scarlett’s Dragons. I still remember agreeing to do the first one – even though I could barely swim a single length free style without stopping for breath! Training together, swapping tips and advice and the amazing camaraderie on the actual day make being part of the team a real privilege. Most importantly, we are raising significant sums of money for a hard working charity that is making real progress on several fronts in the battle with blood cancers. As a member of the Organising Team, I will be significantly involved with corporate sponsorship – so, if you or someone you know is interested in backing the whole team and gaining some worthwhile exposure, please contact me; mark.lambert4@btinternet.com.

katie Katie Stringer

Katie has a history in and passion for fundraising, and in particular all things relating to Scarletts Dragons. Katie is the brains and heart behind the fundraising tips and messages. Any fundraising questions please direct to Katie directly at: katiestringer7@gmail.com

dan-clarksonbryony Dan and Bryony Clarkson remain the Founders and Inspiration behind the team, this year they have entrusted the organisation to the team above.